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Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world consisting of 17,504 islands and there are various kinds of ethnic groups, languages and religions. Therefore, in addition to the employment relationship between workers and companies, it is legally represented by three packages of labor laws: Trade Unions, Worker, and Government. The approach taken by companies in managing Human Resources need to consider local cultural factors, work locations, remote area or city, education level as well as local wisdom.

GV CONSULTING provides Human Resources Consultant on a consultancy basis from the date of agreement until the termination clause. Consulting services covering such as handling of the Termination process, prepare Mutual Agreements or any HR related letters, facilitate communications to employees, facilitate signing of all HR documents, prepare all necessary amendment / addendum documents with respect to voluntary salary cut of employees, draft and registration of Company Regulation, obligatory report of manpower, HSE registration, licensing of foreign workers, employment socialization, draft HR policies and procedures, prepare draft employment / partnership contracts templates with the goal to minimize financial and legal risk.

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