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Become one of the best Consulting firm in Indonesia. By presenting positive contributions to the development of the client's business and the growth of human resources for the nation.


Support clients in managing risks related to HR and Operational matters, it can be said that we can support you partially or completely by outsourcing the HR and Operational functions of your organization, so that you can be more focus on your core of business strategic matters, which of course hopefully this can make clients’ lives easier and their businesses flourish; be it in the start-up, growth and scale-up companies, GV CONSULTING strives to fulfill the clients’ expectations as lean as possible.

Our AGILE values


We believe that success can be achieved by faith and luck, but with hard work it will dramatically increase the probability of being lucky.


In the era of globalization and intense business competition, we must be able to continue to grow to face competition.


Intellegence is needed in the balance of personal life, work, and business.


Life never stops teaching, so we don't stop learning.

Enrich Insight

Knowledge never has a limit.

Ministry of Justiceís Approval

        A proactive attitudeis required as the uncertainties always appear. We keep on improving ourselves to grow, but we will be happier if we can do it together with our team, partners, and clients. Our greatest desire is to give the best results for others.

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